For the love of Greek Wines

As one could have guessed by the title of my blog I am Greek . I had the privilege of living most of my life in Greece  and particularly the coastal southern suburbs of Athens.You must be wondering what does that have to do with Greek wines , well it’s simply the place where I reached the legal age for drinking alcohol and was first formally introduced to Greek wines .

Having gone to a Greek school I studied Greek mythology from a very young age so to me wine always reminded me of the Olympian God of Wine Dionysos .Sadly that was the extent of my knowledge on Greek wines up until I was 18 (legal age for drinking alcohol in Greece) , in other words I knew nothing about them just that they came out in red, white and rose .What made me aware of my ignorance was actually the first taste of a fine aged Agiorgitiko a good friend gave to me as a present for my 18th birthday .I am personally not very fond of big parties with people drinking too much and going crazy and of course neither is my mother so for my 18th birthday I organized a small gathering of a dozen or so close friends with good food and most importantly alcoholic beverages .

When I first saw that bottle of Agiorgitiko I didn’t have any particular thoughts about it but when my mother took a look at it and whispered to me that it was a really good award wining wine I couldn’t wait to try it . Thinking about good wines the first thing that comes to mind is French wines as the most popular varieties are French, so I couldn’t help but be curious about what this Agiorgitiko would taste like . Taking the first sip I was surprised by the strong tannins that make your tongue numb, but little by little I could taste the complexity of the wine and smell the nutty and fruity notes every time I brought the glass close to my mouth for the next sip.At that moment I felt like I finally understood why so many people love wine and became a wine lover myself .

Later on in my life I’ve tried a number of wines both greek and from other countries of the world .Nevertheless Greek wines will always hold a special place  in my heart partly because I myself am Greek but also because ever since I first tried that Agiorgitiko or later on an Assyrtico I seem to be unable to fully compare them with wines from other regions of the world .Of course anyone can compare and contrast the nose or the taste of the wine but when it comes to Greek wines there always  seems to be something more that is just not as easy to describe making them special and unique .

Agiorgitiko , Assyrtico , Xinomavro ,Moschofilero just to name a few are Greek varieties that can  produce the finest of wines and as Greek wine making is becoming bigger and bigger, I can’t wait to have a taste of the progress.


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